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What is Hospice?


Hospice is a unique service for people with life limiting conditions. The goal is to provide personalized care through palliative, symptom management, and comfort care, wherever you choose to call home. Though Hospice is not curative, a team of health care professionals come together to treat the patient holistically.


Who pays for Hospice?


Hospice expenses are covered by Medicare, Medical/Medicaid, and most private insurance plans. Patients also retain their full Medicare and Medical/Medicaid coverage for any non-hospice diagnosis related healthcare needs.

How is Alpha Hospice Care different?


Alpha hospice care is a team of compassionate professionals whose character and philosophy “preserves choice, dignity, and comfort.” Each team member is diligently selected and screened to identify their “calling.” Alpha Hospice Care is “called” to serve during this stage of your journey. It is not simply a service; it is a vocation.