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WHAT IS HOSPICE? Hospice is end-of-life comfort care and emphasizes the quality of one’s life rather than length of life. It is a special way of caring for individuals with terminal illnesses. We understand the unique concerns of those who are terminally ill: pain and discomfort, fear and loneliness, anxiety over the future, unresolved issues. When health care is no longer curative and the needs shift to comfort, effective pain management and closure, Alpha Hospice Care provides expert care and support to patients and their loved ones.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF HOSPICE CARE? Hospice care provides many benefits not possible in normal curative care situations. First, it is a coming-together opportunity for the entire family. While our team of professionals is involved in the care of the patient, the entire family provides special care for their loved one in the comfort of their own home or other residential facilities. Alpha Hospice Care helps families pull together at a difficult but important time. Secondly, patients and family members are given the freedom to choose the treatment options they prefer.

WHO QUALIFIES FOR HOSPICE CARE? Referrals to Alpha Hospice Care may come from various sources, but admission requires a licensed physician’s authorization and patient’s consent. The patient must be diagnosed by a physician as having an advanced illness with a life expectancy of six months or less, and considered terminal.  Hospice care can potentially be extended beyond six months so long as a physician certifies the terminal illness is still progressing.

WHAT DOES ALPHA HOSPICE CARE PROVIDE? We care for the terminally ill as a TEAM which is composed of physicians, licensed and skilled nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, home health aides, bereavement support and volunteer support. Together, our team works with the patient and his/her family members to ensure that their remaining time together is comfortable and rewarding.

WHAT DOES THE FAMILY PROVIDE? Hospice considers the patient’s circle of loved ones as “the unit of care.”  We help each patient and family to understand the dying process and to make informed, ethical decisions about end-of-life choices.  The family provides primary care to the patient, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The family also determines best place for patient care, whether at home, nursing home, assisted living or a board and care facility. All beddings, clothing and personal care items are provided by the family.

WHO PAYS FOR HOSPICE CARE? Alpha Hospice Care is reimbursed by health insurance plans and private payment arrangements.